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Born To Be Bold

Our Bold Mission

Est.Bold will continue to be built on basic community principles, a gathering place for the spirited where creativity meets technology.

We dream to build a space where creative minds can come along side with the knowledgeable and truly become the agents of change the Cannabis Industry is seeking. We will work tirelessly and have a heart filled with a desire for legitimization, striving for new ideas and setting the highest standards.

Est.Bold will continually honor the spirit and knowledge of the Southern Humboldt farmers, their traditions and the lifestyles of the region. Our agency was born in the heart of the “Emerald Triangle” We strive to humbly serve the farmers and many other people who have worked the lands for generations. We will support all those who continue to build strong communities for true sustainability in the cannabis space. Our goal is to present these values in everything we create with you. 

Current Passion Works

We are currently in development with Jenny Early who is a virtual assistant with expertise in social marketing, blog writing, content curation and much more. We are excited to be building a bold look for Jenny.

Current Passion Works

We are currently in development with Above and Beyond Creations. They are a top provider of wedding and event planning in the SoHum Region. Est. Bold is proud to be creating a bold and beautiful space for users planning that perfect day.


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