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How to Untangle the Website Architecture

How to Untangle the Website Architecture

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Nick Brown

Co-Founder, Accelerate Agency at Accelerate Agency

A business’s website is in many ways, like a digital shop or office. It is where customers or clients go to interact with the business. It is where they make the first contact and where they ultimately buy the company’s products or services. It is also what they often use to develop their view of a business’s brand. Just as an office or shop should be attractive and welcoming to visitors, so should a commercial website.

A website needs to be easy to navigate and allow visitors to find what they want quickly. In fact, it is even more important for a website to have a straightforward structure. That is because of the negative impact poor site architecture can have on SEO. If Google bots and search engine crawlers can’t understand or navigate a site, it can cause big issues.

Unfortunately, it is all too easy for site architecture to become confused and muddled — even if a site owner or webmaster started with the best of intentions. The day-to-day operations of a business often get in the way of website structure best practice.

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