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XBox Callout To Young Australians to ‘Lift Your Game’

XBox Callout To Young Australians to ‘Lift Your Game’

The new variant of daily fragrance body spray, antiperspirant and shower gel builds on the LYNX ‘confidence’ brand proposition and is the latest work from creative agency Emotive following the highly successful launch of LYNX Australia and LYNX New Zealand, which featured Kiwi star Julian Dennison.

Recognizing that gaming is an important passion point among LYNX consumers, LYNX has partnered with gaming powerhouse Xbox to drive engagement with their core Gen Z and millennial target audience.

The four minute launch film, created specifically for the teenage male gamer audience and fine-tuned for social distribution, shows that in the world of video games, even the most insurmountable challenge can be overcome with the help of next level confidence.


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